Copper Moonshine Still

Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still

Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still
Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still
Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still
Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still
Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still
Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still
Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still
Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still
Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still

Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still   Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still
Copper moonshine still 12 liters [pot still] 3 gallons. Copper Pot still for flavoring beverages at home. Best choice for distillation prepared alcohol or make flavored brandy. Absolutely, youve seen a lot of types of the alembic, however, all of them had the same cons (size, thickness, lack of extraction features). In this model, we considered all of the reviews and designed according to technical standards. This model Flavor still fabulous gift for beginners. Low cost and ease of operation make this a great starter still for those looking to get into distilling. At the same time, advanced moonshiners will find it practical to use the copper still for making second distillation process. This gorgeous copper moonshine still produces excellent quality spirits like whiskey, fruit brandy, schnapps, grappa, and others.

Copper distiller suits for flavouring already prepared alcohol. You can fill in vodka, or low alcohol spirits from 12% ABV into the boiler. Fill up the aroma basket with herbs and get a unique high-quality drink with amazing scents.

If you want to distil the mash and prepare the raw alcohol, for distillation yourself, then I recommend taking a look at Reflux still. The design of copper moonshine still model pot still differs from analogues on the market.

First of all, its a home distiller, that''s mean you can use with your home stove (gas or electronic). The second feature, its real copper. You might know that copper has over four times the thermal conductivity of its the closest rival, stainless steel. It also has a good reputation for removing toxins. Copper gives a fresh brisk taste to all food and beverages. And has been reported to provide 30% to 50% better flavour than other cooking metals. The third feature, a gin basket (flavouring column & sieve) gives you more opportunities for experiments. You can find our products on wbst Copper Pro (you can search on google "copper pro ukrainian").

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Only in case of faulty products. You should provide proper photos or video. Please, check the condition of packages on post service. Fill the distillation cube with no more than 75% of the volume.

Place the distillation cube on a heat source: gas stove, electric stove, etc. Induction plate, you will need an induction disk which provides an intermediate surface. Between the cube and the heating element. Firmly to clamp the helmet with the neck of the still, dont forget to insert the aroma sieve.

Connect the water supply hose to the water tap, and the hose to drain it to the water outlet. Ensure that the entire structure is sturdy and stable. Fill the radiator with water and keep turned off until the necessary moment when the wort. Set the maximum heating temperature. When the steam temperature reaches 50-55°C (122-131 F), reduce the heating to medium value or low.

Start the cooling water supply when the steam temperature reaches 55°C (131 F). Try to stabilize the steam between 79°C and 81°C. (174-178 F) Main distilling part should be done in this temperature range.

Forecut is the first 1.5-2% of the distillate from the mash distillation volume. This distillate contains methanol and other volatile alcohols and compounds hazardous to human health. Forecut has a strongly pronounced and acrid smell.

Try to maintain the slowest possible forecut takeoff rate. This is achieved by reducing the heating temperature. Takeoff forecut into a separate container and use it for industrial purposes for furnace firing as industrial alcohol etc. If double distillation is planned, collection the forecut and backcut is unnecessary.

Take another container and collect the heart, i. The lower the distillation rate, the better the alcohol takeoff will be. To determine the moment of commencing the backcut takeoff, you will need a 100 ml or 250 ml measuring flask and areometer ranging from 40% to 70%.

Collect the distillate dripping from the pipe to the cylinder or other small container in order to determine exactly the current alcohol content in the distillate produced by the distillation still. When the alcohol content reaches 40%, you should begin the backcut takeoff. If the reflux column and/or rectifying tray are used, it is advisable to start the backcut takeoff after the alcohol content falls below 50%. The backcut is characterized by high content of fusel oil and unpleasant smell.

At this stage, you can stop the distillation process. The collected backcut should be distilled separately or added to the wash before the distillation in order to increase the alcoholic content. Turn off the heating and cooling. Wait until all parts of the distillation still cool. Once this is done, remove the helmet (with condenser and aroma column) and disconnect the water supply hose and discharge hose.

Watch out and be prepared for steam discharging from the distillation still. If necessary, use the citric acid solution. In case of strong oxidation, the copper activity will be reduced greatly and you will not receive a sufficient level of removal of sulfur compounds from the distillate. We strive to provide a simple and affordable process of home-made hydrosols.

Production (in the context of the process, rather than costs). We are ready to provide equipment.

Technologies, and knowledge necessary for the production of the high-quality strong spirits to all. And we will provide you with all necessary information. The item "Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still" is in sale since Monday, February 10, 2020.

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  • BTU: not provided
  • Final Product: Gin, Vodka, Whiskey
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Ukraine
  • Additive Type: copper
  • Style: pot still, copper moonshine still
  • Food Specifications: lead free
  • Item Depth: 30 cm
  • Item Height: 66 cm / 26"
  • Item Width: 37,5 cm / 14,7"
  • Kegging Gas Type: not provided
  • Cork Size: #0 (5/16 In)
  • Material: Copper
  • Experience Level: Beginner
  • Cap Size: not provided
  • Operation Type: Manual
  • Type: moonshine still, Distillation Kit, copper still
  • Installation: stovetop
  • Features: wodden handles
  • Brewing Method: Second distillation
  • Included in Kit: LCD Thermometer
  • Color: copper
  • Item Length: 50
  • Volume: 12 L / 3 G
  • Bottle Size: not provided
  • Brand: Copper Pro
  • Diameter (clamps): 3
  • Height: 66 cm /26"
  • Width: 37,5 cm / 14,7"
  • Column capacity: 3 liters
  • Weight: 5,5 kg
  • Dimensions: 50x30x34 cm
  • Solder: silver
  • Thickness, mm: 1
  • Output (40%ABV) from 12% ABV: 2-2,5 liters
  • Item Diameter: 34
  • Hose & Tubing Size: 8 mm

Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still   Copper moonshine still 12 liters pot still