Copper Moonshine Still

10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still

10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still
10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still
10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still
10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still
10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still
10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still
10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still
10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still
10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still
10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still
10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still
10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still

10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still    10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still

10 Gallon Moonshine Still - Complete Unit. This is a complete kit which includes the.. POT, THUMPER, WORM, and CAP with Temperature Gauge, built with 100% lead free materials.

22 Gauge Pure Organic Copper Sheets (Lead Free). Distilled, Purified Water (turn salt water into fresh water) -Moonshine and other Distilled Spirits -Essential oils and Perfumes. For a wide variety of household, entertainment and survival needs, Moonshine Stills sophisticated products are the Leading Choice in distillation units. Our products are handcrafted from the finest copper and all natural materials, right here in the USA.

Youll enjoy the superior versatility of our products for a wide array of uses. From creating high quality Moonshine to purifying your drinking water, Moonshine Stills are sure to be the Number One choice for your distillation needs.

Perhaps you need a more sophisticated process of extracting hash oil? Why wait for the apocalypse to purify your drinking water?

Doctors now claim that distilled water is one of the safest, cleanest and healthiest ways to enjoy water. Do you really know what is in the water you drink? Purifying your tap water at home using one of Moonshine Stills reliable units is the surefire way to take the worry out of your water. If you enjoy entertaining your dinner guests with the finest marinades, our distillation units are easy to use and reliable.

Enjoy the aromas and delightful sensations of home made Moonshine, Whiskey and Rum for a fraction of the cost! Why waste time and spend thousands of dollars on distilled products when you can..

Were sure our products will meet the quality and satisfaction of your various lifestyle needs. Our Moonshine Stills have been used on farms, in breweries and in humble kitchens. Whether youre a do-it-yourselfer, a real go-getter, or a master chef, our beautifully handcrafted stills will be just the thing you need for a variety of distillation purposes.

Why settle for a low-grade distillation unit manufactured overseas, when you can have one of our finely handcrafted Moonshine Stills made right here in the good ole USA? The Distillery Network is an artwork company that specializes in the manufacturing and production of Copper Artwork.

Our skilled craftsmen create these unique, yet fully functional pieces of art located in the state of New Hampshire. We specialize in the manufacturing and production of COPPER MOONSHINE STILLS, which are handcrafted to perfection! Made using heavy gauge copper and lead free solder , our units are built to last. All of our units are water tested and have ZERO leaks.

We also do custom orders.... Alcohol distillation at its finest. Distilling out of a copper alcohol still is the only way to go when it comes to perfectly brewed liquor. Our liquor stills are built to last, we use only the finest 99.9% pure lead free copper sheets sourced locally in the USA.

TDN knows how to make stills. You can easily set up your own home distillery. A copper still could save your life, so, go ahead and brew some moonshine. This is a true Appalachian pot still. Have you seen the Moonshiners show?

You can make whiskey, bourbon, rum, and much much more! Thank you for reading our description of our copper distillation unit.

Home distilling at it's finest. The best copper apparatus on the market. Prides itself and sells only American made in USA products. You're looking at the highest quality distiller in the world. Make liquor, make moonshine, make rum and everything in between. This is a tool for survival. Our at home, DIY, do it yourself purification device will help ensure yourself a tremendous wealth of valuable resources. Make distilled water, essential oils, perfumes, marinades, ethanol gas, liquor, CBD oil, antiseptics and much, much more. Use a simple propane burner to heat our highly versatile copper stills. These home still kits are cheap, easy to use and effective. Moonshine making and distilling spirits at home has never been easier.

We have a wide variety of homemade still kits and moonshine making equipment for sale. We are the leading copper still company in the marketplace. We have the best prices and the best whiskey stills for sale. Still pot for sale, complete stills for sale, copper pot still for sale. At home distilling at an affordable cost.

Distillery products can be made at home, get the highest quality spirits you won't find anywhere else. Home brew made simple with our complete copper moonshine production kits. Make your own moonshine and high quality liquor right on the stove top in your kitchen.

Get yourself a moonshine distillation unit for the best price. The most affordable bargain on the market and the highest quality home distillery kits available.

If you're a true Moonshiner, you need the most affordable still. Anyone can find a multitude of uses for our high quality copper moonshine stills. Everyone should own this very important survival product.

Distilleries will love our 10, 15 and 30 gallon distillation units for making rum, distilling whiskey, moonshine, bourbon, gin and other fine liquors. Make your own witch hazel, rosewater, and antiseptics right at home.

Easy moonshine making in your home is affordable, simple and fun. Make a fermented mash right in our copper pot still. Produce pure alcohols for dirt cheap. The finest tasting liquors and purified water can only come from our durable copper distillation equipment. Survivalists, farmers, rednecks and connoisseurs of fine alcohols will love the best liquor distillation product available.

TDN has the best moonshine stills manufactured in America. Turn salt water into drinking water right at home. Put your ingredients into the mash bucket and you're ready to distill. Electric heating units available for moonshine stills as well as our patented flame flow design. Heat up your mash on the stove in one of our moonshine making pots.

Highly affordable, a valuable resource for the entire family. We even have moonshine still parts for sale. We sell old moonshine stills and brand new copper distillation products.

Your whole family can enjoy our easy to use copper moonshine making kits. Make marinades and entertain dinner guests.

It's as easy as cooking. Simple and available right at home. Big moonshine still kits and large distillation units available for breweries and producing alcohol products. Eco friendly alcohol production is fast and affordable. Highly economical for distilling products. Manufactured with care and handmade in the USA from fine copper, completely led free. We offer the safest alcohol distillation units in the industry. We have the best stills for whiskey, the best stills for moonshine and the best stills for making rum. Our water purification stills produce the cleanest water at the best price.

Our stills offer hassle free moonshine making right at home. Why pay for distilled water when you can have free water? Make distilled water for free at home with our copper pot stills. Purify drinking water safely and easily at home.

If you're asking how can I make moonshine? Our moonshine making kits are sure to deliver the highest quality alcohols with the finest taste. Don't wait for the apocalypse to own a highly sophisticated and dependable copper moonshine kit, order a moonshine still now. Interested in a Copper Moonshine Still? We Build Copper Stills here in the USA.

Make Liquor at home with our copper distillation equipment. Our Moonshine Stills are built with Thick 20 oz.

Our Highly Skilled Craftsmen build your copper still by hand and we fully test and ensure your unit is built to the highest of standards. Make Moonshine at home with a copper moonshine still.

Built in the USA, if you are in the market for a copper still, do not skip over our company. We offer multiple categories of copper distillers so please check out all of our listings. We do not release any information to any government agencies or third parties.

Please Check out our moonshine still App on the google play store or apple store called "Moonshine Still Buddy". This is a great place to get started becoming a Home Moonshiner. You can check out news articles, specs on the stills, prices, and blogs written by us. Stay connected to our facebook page as well. We are available 24/7 to answer any and all questions you may have for us. You may be looking for information or sourcing of distilling ingredients, distilling yeasts or moonshine accessories. If this is the case please keep in mind that we are a manufacture of copper moonshine distilling apparatuses and we want to focus on quality copper stills leaving our shop. Each unit is handmade and we need all hand on copper, we offer copper proofing parrots, copper funnels and of course copper moonshine stills. You will need a low proof and high proof hydrometer, proofing parrot, propane burner , anything over 8000 btu will be good for a smaller still. You will need the ingredients to make your mash. You will need food grade containers for your mash and glass NOT PLASTIC jugs for your moonshine. Your safety is our top priority. You can check out our group on fb called "home moonshiners" and ask everyone questions there as well. We do not want you to get hurt so please be safe while distilling. Making alcohol at home can be a magical experience, please do not ruin the fun by getting too drunk. Be responsible with your product. Keep it out of reach from children and young adults. Our product WILL produce 170 proof or higher finished product on the first run if you do things right. This is almost PURE alcohol.

You can burn your house down too. Keep your unit operated in a well ventilated area.

If you have any leaks, you should have a propane torch, flux and solder on hand so you don't ruin your run. As you heat up your copper moonshine still with a flame, the solder may change its structural integrity, especially if you do not strain your mash. You need to completely strain your mash or you may risk burning out the bottom of your pot. We Hope You Read An Excerpt From a Future Book from Alice Dee Below. The types are so varied and work in different ways with differing levels of moonshining that an all in one manual is a virtual impossibility. There are of course some things that always remain the same like the song.... (If you fail to get the reference ask someone older) (Preferably someone of a metal bent) (I just wanted another set of brackets so I had an even number of them). See all the trouble I go to to 2?

Make everything nice for you. Should that have been'too'? Now I have gone and lost the picture, no I haven't, here it is. So if you see a picture under this writing someplace, you know it all worked out good, if you don't, well, no points for deducing what has happened.

First things first, make sure you use copper (with no lead solder) stainless steel, and glass. You will need some seals someplace, use teflon. If you do this, it means that you are not going to leech any harmful toxins during the stilling process. I could go on at length about this, but won't. Just trust me on this one. If you are using anything else, throw it away, far far away. Later on when you have a little more knowledge, which is twice as dangerous, you can make some informed decisions about this. Running a still in principle is all very easy, take some liquid with alcohol within it, heat it up so that the alcohol boils off into a vapour, then condense these vapours and hey presto, you have alcohol. Well, in a nutshell, yes.

The thing is that the more you learn about the art, the harder it gets. This may at first seem a very counter intuitive statement to be sure.

I can see you asking the question, What do you mean the more you know the harder it gets? Why then, would I not just learn nothing and it will be really easy? Fourthly, make sure you cooling water to your condenser is going, before you start to heat your still. If you don't then you are a moron and deserve what you get, which at the very least will be singed eyebrows.

Secondly, throw away the first 500ml that comes out of your still. I hear you exclaim, yup, that is right, use it for starting the fire, or washing the windows or pour it in your lawn mower, with petrol as well, just, don't drink it, don't even be tempted to. Don't even think about being tempted to drink this.

It will hurt you on the spot. No, it won't, but just keep thinking that it will, because, then you will never have a problem. If your still is larger than 50 litres, then this figure will go up. For every 50 litres of wash you put in your still, throw away 500ml.

I wonder if Nike will throw a lawsuit at me for saying that. It was of course a blatant rip off. But if they say it then it is good enough for me!

Thirdly, make sure your still has no leaks. Alcohol vapour and sources of ignition can ruin your day. It may get you into the darwin awards, but that is about the only positive. Fifthly, do not leave your still unattended, ok, don't walk away and think everything will be alright for ten minutes. It won't be, Murphy says so and he is invariably right.

Many people choose to start distilling with what is known as a pot still. They are pretty much as simple as it gets. I will be using the running of a pot still as an example. Different stills, like fractionation columns have a different way of running which is somewhat more complicated in comparison, that will be something you would learn later. Many stills, especially in new zealand are marketed as reflux still when in actual fact they are really pot stills with fancy bits added to make you think they are better than what they are. If you have all of these things covered, then really, you can't do too much harm to yourself or others.

You can make some horrible shine, but no one will get hurt in the process. Don't worry too much about making mistakes, we all do, and that is how we learn, but as long as these five tenants are adhered to then at least you will be able to look back at your mess ups and have a chuckle further on down the track. The alternative, if you follow them not, is that you may be horribly disfigured for life after hurting your family by being inattentive, which, in my opinion, would rather stink.

These things I have mentioned above are not to be taken lightly and I urge you, if you do not follow them, to do so. Perhaps, in your future you may come up with a set of rules that suit you. But until you have some experience, please, just stick to this. You can choose to make your copper moonshine still an electric moonshine still. This will let you plug your still into your wall outlet and heat up the still to the appropriate temperature. You are the Home Moonshiner. Here you can check out our Blogs. The copper we use to build our copper stills is 99.9% Pure Copper. Seems to be the question everyone asks when deciding what thickness of moonshine still to run. Is thick enough, but 20 oz. They are both good, and going thicker doesn't necessarily mean that you will run a better still, or a better product.

It simply means that your still is thicker and will take longer to heat up..... Personal preference trumps status quo, so you be the judge. Over the years, run different thicknesses and see which ones you like better. Many people prefer stainless over copper anyways. They mainly choose stainless because it is stronger and easier to clean.

You can find 20 Oz. Copper stills for sale on our E bay which we manufacture in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.

Some More Info on our Product.... Utilizing Mother Natures different boiling points, you can separate pure alcohol from water. No, you are not God. You are a Home Moonshiner. Distillation is a great hobby, and much like brewing beer, its easy enough for anyone to use a distillation unit safely.

Liquor, Distilled Water, Essential Oils are just some of great products you can make in the comfort of your own home by purchasing a distilling unit from the best in the business, The Distillery Network Inc. A great survival tool that you can keep in the shed in case of an emergency. However, It is just as important to protect our right to bear a moonshine still in our own home, as it is to protect our right to bear arms. Now is the time to join the Distillers Renaissance and become a Home Moonshiner. At The Distillery Network Inc. We want to save the planet, one moonshine still at a time. Our specialized distilling equipment is sure to please even the experienced moonshiner. We offer a wide variety of types of copper moonshine stills. Alembic Style, Pot Style, Reflux Style are the units we excel at building. Any of these three units will make you shine that will knock you off your feet pushing out 170 proof plus with our pot and reflux style units. A pot still will have a thumper which will give you higher proof alcohol.

The Distillery Network has been building pot stills since 2013 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Alembic styled stills are all built overseas because they are very labor intensive. And the Reflux Style Stills are Imported from china as they have the best stainless prices as well as labor. The fact remains, TDN excels at producing pot stills and can offer you an amazing deal on a fully warranted copper moonshine still, Made in the USA.

Is Using a Still Even Safe? We would say no it is not safe to use a still. Is it safe to drive a car? Is it safe to drive a car blindfolded? Is it safe to run a moonshine still without watching it? Life is not a joke, you can get seriously hurt by not doing the proper research. The Distillery Network is here to answer any and all questions and concerns about your still, before, during and after you use it. You also need to be careful what you are putting inside of your body, rule of thumb is the first 1/3rd of the first jar gets disposed of and is not to be drank. If you are making essential oils and using moonshine to extract THC from Pot in our stills you need a solid bottom so please ask us for it. We have yet to have anyone seriously hurt themselves with our units, however, please remember that using a moonshine still is not safe and you should use your highest levels of caution.

Since 2013, TDN has been putting all of their effort into improving the product while still keeping costs in mind. We make all of the correct folds and seams. We put an embossing line on the top and bottom of the pieces for structural support. Our Thumpers and Worms are oversized and good enough for up to a 30 gallon unit in case you ever want to upgrade. You can stick your arm right down inside our stills with ease and our units have the temperature gage at the top of the pot where its supposed to be.

Our Craftsmen are highly trained and we do not accept just anyone to work with us. Our copper is thicker than the other guys, 20 oz. Is standard in our shop. Lead free materials and domestically sourced parts is what we are all about.

We are all about freedom. We want to help save the planet with our stills.

We want to give the people the power to make their own gas. Our customer service is far superior than the competitors. Customers get direct support from the owner of the business. Our Facebook is always jam packed with live views from the shop, we are not afraid to show you how we build our units.

Tune in, search for us online, check out our reviews, we are the best in the business and would be proud to have the opportunity to provide you with a copper moonshine still that will last generations. Our stills are easy to use. Instructions to help you along the way are always included in the box and are available online as well.

The list goes on and on. We have an app called Moonshine Still Buddy. We have an IVR that you can call and listen all about moonshine stills. We do not report our sales to any government agencies.

The unit is already tested. All of our units are tested with flame to ensure the unit will not leak. Its thick, its warranted and its the hottest man cave item of 2018. If I Bought One, How Do I Use It? You need a burner, you can use any propane burner that emits a flame of at least 8,000 BTUs.

Mash is the stuff with alcohol in it. You can put beer or wine in it and distill it and get moonshine.

You can learn about the ingredients to make Mash by visiting. You need a well-ventilated area. Set the unit up like you see in the picture over the flame. Make sure theres always liquid in the pot while heating it.

Make sure the cap is sealed, you can use old school wheat or flour paste. Its easy to make and dries rock hard. Then you let the process work through. As soon as she starts to drip out of the part all the way to the right, write the temperature down on a piece of paper that the temp gage is showing.

Then, add 20 degrees to it. That is your operating range. Always keep your unit between those temperatures and you are distilling!

You need a hydrometer to measure your finished product, and dont forget to discard the first 1/3rd of the first run. These are all of the things you need to start distilling at home.

How Is The Product Made At The Distillery Network? The Copper is the purest copper we can get our hands on. The Copper comes in 3ft x 10 ft sheets and the get placed on our cutting table at our shop in Manchester New Hampshire. Our highly skilled craftsman accurately measures and cuts each piece needed to build the correct sized moonshine still. Once the piece is cut, the piece is then moved over the bending station.

The piece is the bent and folded over 180 degrees. We do this for added structural integrity as well as to reduce the risk of the customer cutting themselves while maneuvering our product. All of our edges are folded over and none of the edges are sharp.

Once the edges are folded over, the piece is ready to get put through the rolling machine. This machine rolls the sheet copper into a cylindrical shape. Once inspected, the piece is then moved over to the embossing station.

The craftsman accurately embosses the piece which will leave the part ready to clamp and solder. Before we clamp and solder we ensure we have all of the other pieces needed, like the circles for the bottoms, the cones, the tubing kits, the fittings, the coil, and the unit is placed on the table for the copper smith to build the product, by hand. The pot body gets installed to the cone, which gets installed to the cap. The hole is drilled on the right side of the cap for the lyne arm to get inserted. The lyne arm travels down at a 45 degree angle and connects to the thumper using a spin union. The tubing travels through the thumper on the left side almost all the way down to the bottom and is cut at a 45 degree angle for maximum efficiency while distilling. Coming out of the thumper, the tubing continues its way towards the worm which is the final piece to the moonshine still. Before getting to the worm there is another spin union. This is placed there to make it easy to take the thumper out and run the pot directly to the worm. All of our units are interchangeable. Once we get to the worm we focus on installing the coil. The condensing coil is the final process for the steam which is traveling through the moonshine still.

We install two hose hook ups on the right side of the worm so the customer can run water in and out to continuously be able to run fresh water through the worm for maximum cooling power. The pot size advertised is the capacity of the pot.

The lyne arm is 1 inch diameter. The tubing for the rest of the unit is ½ inch. The coil for the condenser is 3/8 of an inch.

All of our thumper and worms are 9x9 and 9x 11 inches respectively. Our copper smiths can build two units per day. We do not rush our workers. We inspect every piece and grind down all rough edges and imperfections. Our units are then tested with a quick water test, as well as a quick fire test to ensure she has been primed.

The customer will still need to clean the insides, but, at this point the unit is fully tested and ready to get boxed. The packaging process is rather easy with each sized unit utilizing a pre-manufactured insert which reduces the need for packing peanuts and decreased the risk for damage. Our boxes are all double walled, unmarked and discreet USA boxes. It took us years to perfect not only our processes and procedures but our product and packaging. Everything down to the way we clean the copper after each time it gets hot to keep the copper as clean and as pure as possible.

Thank you for reading the process of how the moonshine still gets built. Copper has been being used for hundreds of years for a reason. Copper makes your liquor taste better.

The Distillery Network uses the highest quality copper available, from America. 22 Gaga thickness is standard in our shop. We do not use the thin 16 oz.

Stuff like the other guys do. You get the highest quality shine when using our copper pots, thumpers worms and caps.

Nothing makes a traditional Appalachian moonshine still shine brighter than a copper still the same style the old timers used back in the day. Copper is widely used in all areas of distillation, even commercial distilleries. Here are some of the reasons why copper is far superior than stainless steel moonshine stills and why it makes your liquor taste so good. Copper reacts with alcohol on a molecular level.

Producing a chemical reaction, removing the sulfur compounds resulting naturally from fermenting yeast. Sulfur is not good for your liquor and if its in there, you will be able to taste it.

Copper gets the sulfur out! Copper not only makes your shine taste better, it also helps heat up the still more consistently. Copper is a great thermal conductor which makes it a great material to build a moonshine still out of. Perfect for fast heat up and also easily condensing the vapors. Amazingly, copper has proven antimicrobial effects. Copper kills bacteria and viruses.

A steel still is easier to clean, but dont you want cleaner liquor? Some people just drink to get drunk, others drink because of the overall experience.

Dont take our word for it, try both and see for yourself! How Do I Heat The Moonshine Still?

Our units can get heat up via direct propane flame, or , it can get heated up with an electric heating element. Both work well, however, you need to make sure your heat is strong enough. Rule of thumb is for a 2 gallon still you can use any hot plate.

For a 6 gallon you can use a 110v submerged heating element. For a 10 gallon or bigger you would want to use a 220v submerged electric heating element. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot have one of these tools. If something devastating happens in the world, you need to be prepared with one of our units to protect your family.

These units are water distillation units, not moonshine makers. These units make Ethanol Gas, which is essentially the same thing as moonshine.... Do not restrict yourself from possessing a quality copper Moonshine Still from American Copper Works. The item "10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still" is in sale since Monday, April 8, 2019.

This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Food & Beverages\Beer & Wine Making". The seller is "moonshinestills" and is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Estonia, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Japan, China, Sweden, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, South africa, Thailand, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Bahamas, Israel, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Saudi arabia, Ukraine, United arab emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Croatia, Antigua and barbuda, Aruba, Belize, Grenada, Saint kitts and nevis, Saint lucia, Barbados, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Bolivia, Ecuador, Iceland, Jordan, Cambodia, Cayman islands, Liechtenstein, Sri lanka, Luxembourg, Macao, Martinique, Maldives, Nicaragua, Oman, Peru, Pakistan, Paraguay, Reunion, Viet nam, Uruguay.

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10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still    10 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still